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Together we
create a future

In the middle of the world's most beautiful mountain range, the Himalayas, lies Nepal.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, with Mount Everest, as the most famous attraction. Every year many tourists travel to the country to try out some of the harshest hikes. The natives are very friendly and hospitable and live by the rule that as long as they are alive, they are grateful.

By 2015, an earthquake unfortunately hit with such power that many people lost their lives, houses were leveled with the earth and a large part of the country became unknown.

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Priya Life Team

300 +

Children in School

That´s why Priya-Life works in Nepal. We want to give something to those people who still have no place to live, no possessions to place inside the houses they have rebuilt after the earthquake. No jobs, water or food.

While there are many people living in houses of a very low standard, the population is also very poor. There are many children who do not go to school and who do not have ordinary everyday necessities – and many children only have one set of clothes.

The association Priya Life wants to help as many people as possible living under these conditions. Thus, primarily to help earthquake victims in Nepal, who, even here five years after the last earthquake, still struggles everyday to survive.
At the same time, the association is working to help poor people in Bangladesh. Particularly orphaned children from the age of 3-4 years who are begging and sleeping in the streets of Dhaka. The children often become victims of trafficking and sold to India and Africa.
In Priya-Life, 100% of our funded funds go for charitable purposes. 0% for administration.
We can do give without receiving because we work in our home countries for some month every year, so that we have money for us to live, when we go to work in Nepal.
You can make a big difference.

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Thanks to supports and donations, we now have 300+ children in school, medical care for more than 20 people, a boarding school where 8 children live permanently, the building of a goat farm in a remote village near Phaplu and a house in Namche for a family who lost everything in the 2015 earthquake.

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Would you like to help? Then contact us. All help is received with great gratitude.