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Rules and regulations - Priya Life

1. The purpose with Priya-life is to help people in Nepal and Bangladesh. Priya-Life is finding the people who should benefit from the help.

2. Priya-Life’s domicile is in Denmark but the organisation is also established in Nepal.

3. Priya-Life is open for anyone who wants to make a difference.

4. Priya-Life reserves the right to exclude members, who are not working in agreement with the organisation’s rules and regulations.

5. It has been agreed that 100% of the budget is used for our projects. Overnight stays and meals are paid when you are at work. At the same time, it has been agreed that if there is not enough funds for this, then we ourselves have to dilute the rest out of our own pocket. Furthermore, there must be receipts for everything; otherwise the volunteer must pay from their own pocket, even if they are on project work. Specifically, the volunteer is told what he / she must buy on the trips and where to stay. Hostels are the only form of paid accommodation.

6. There is no form of subscription for being part of Priya-Life. The association must live exclusively from grants, funds and donations, from companies and private individuals.

7. There is one annually general meeting. Last time 06-19-2018. Before the annually general meeting you will receive an induction at least a month before. The general assembly is the organizations top authority.

8. The board is constituted of David Jim Lorentzen, Niels Olsen and David Desiré Simon. At the annually general meeting an election for the board will happen.

9. The accounts are presented at each general meeting. The Board of Directors must approve this. The membership right is exclusively with David Jim Lorentzen. Only David Jim Lorentzen is able to disburse funds from Priya-Life's fund. This will remain so until the next general meeting in 2020.

10. Amendment to the articles of association happens with the majority at the general meeting. The amendments happen with a voting and pass on with the majority. The amendments will be sent to the correspondent by the board not later than one month before the general meeting.

11. Resolution of the association can be done by a 2/3 majority at the general meeting. However, this majority must be found at two continuous general meetings, which is why the board convenes an extraordinary general meeting, if this is the case.

12. By the dissolution of Priya-Life the additional funds have to go straight and non-cut to a good purpose in either Nepal or Bangladesh. If there is, at the dissolution time, built a residential institution by Priya-Life, then the additional funds have to be added to this, so this can carry on for as long as possible, in the hope that the resident can find a new sponsor in time.

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Thanks to supports and donations, we now have 300+ children in school, medical care for more than 20 people, a boarding school where 8 children live permanently, the building of a goat farm in a remote village near Phaplu and a house in Namche for a family who lost everything in the 2015 earthquake.

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