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Our Stories

Marindique Project

This project involves 2 phases. Our goal is to build a goat farm and help a family in desperate need. One goat is already enjoying the amazing views and green pastures next to the village, but it’s all alone…

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Similduda Project

Just a few kilometers away from the very touristic city of Pokhara, we found a village surrounded by mountains called Similduda.

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Bishnumati Project

This project is located in the heart of Katmandu next to the Bishnumati River. Infamous for the amount of garbage running through it, we found there a community in need of help, mostly the children.

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Namche Project

This project is our first one and the most difficult to implement. On our way to Everest Base Camp, we met this old couple, of which the man was blind.

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Thanks to supports and donations, we now have 300+ children in school, medical care for more than 20 people, a boarding school where 8 children live permanently, the building of a goat farm in a remote village near Phaplu and a house in Namche for a family who lost everything in the 2015 earthquake.

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