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Namche Project - Priya Life

Namche Project

This project is our first one and the most difficult to implement. On our way to Everest Base Camp, we met this old couple, of which the man was blind.

They had lost everything during the 2015’s earthquake, up to their house, and they had to find shelter under a simple tent just above Namche Village (3.800m Alt.).

We are planning to build a new house for them, with strong foundations and stones. Our main challenge will be to find and bring the workers and all the necessary materials up to this altitude to start the construction.

We are still collecting funds and are looking for competent people to bring this project to completion.

You can make a big difference.

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IBAN: DK2120006287548840


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Thanks to supports and donations, we now have 300+ children in school, medical care for more than 20 people, a boarding school where 8 children live permanently, the building of a goat farm in a remote village near Phaplu and a house in Namche for a family who lost everything in the 2015 earthquake.

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Would you like to help? Then contact us. All help is received with great gratitude.